The Greatest Secret (in the world)

Everywhere I go I tell people about it

Some have never heard it; others doubt it

It’s the greatest secret in the world

I’m going to make it heard


Because it’s a firm rock in the sea of speculation

A harbor of peace in a world of tribulation

The greatest secret in the world

I’m going to make it heard


When God said it, it was true

It’s true still

The Bible is His revealed Word and will

I’ll speak it from door to door and shore to shore

Until it’s not a secret anymore


God’s people are destroyed because they don’t know it

When they can’t find the way, we need to show it

They are wandering aimlessly

We need to help them see


That it’s God’s heart to all generations

On it we can rely with no reservations

The greatest secret in the world

Someone’s got to make it heard


I was longing to know God’s will for my life

But I didn’t know where to start

Then I learned “It is Written” is the key

Now I know the secret — it’s burning within my heart


He’s Alive

He was laid in the tomb — they put soldiers round about

No one could get to him… he certainly wouldn’t come out


Three days and three nights in the earth he lay

Until, finally in the evening, the angel came and rolled the stone away


Early in the morning, Mary came to the tomb

But something was wrong (the stone was gone) there was only the empty room


But he was standing right behind her; watching her as she cried

Waiting to share his joy with her… the joy he now knew inside


“Woman, why are you weeping? Who are you looking for?”

She supposed he was the gardener so turning to him she implored,


“Tell me… where have you laid him? I’ll come and take him away.”

She could hardly believe it when she heard him say, “Mary…”


“He’s Alive!”


“He’s alive, he’s alive!” The joy jumped in her soul

The dead man she came there searching for was standing before her whole!


He’s alive, He’s alive… “Go tell all my brothers” he said,

“That the one who lay there sleeping is risen from the dead.”


He’s alive, He’s alive… go tell all your friends

This is just the beginning of the story that never ends


He’s alive, He’s alive… we’ve got to tell everyone

Of the savior raised in glory — Jesus Christ, God’s Son!

He’s Alive!


He’s The Way

In the morning, when the world is new, I get up and start my day

I speak in tongues and thank my Father for the love He sends my way

I know that He is watching me and guiding me today

And I thank Him that, in Christ, I’ve found the way


I believe on Jesus Christ and who he is today

He was my sacrifice… I know he is the way


“There’s trouble in the world.” It seems that’s all that’s being said

But Christ has come to ease our minds and give us peace instead

We’re to shine like lights and manifest the more abundant life

Holding forth to all the world the words of life


I believe on Jesus Christ and who he is today

He was my sacrifice… I know he is the way

He’s the way


Jesus Christ has paid the price so we know that when he comes

We will all be changed and be like him because we are God’s sons

Then there will be no tribulation — then there will be no strife

For, in him, we’ve all obtained eternal life


I believe on Jesus Christ and who he is today

He was my sacrifice… I know he is the way

He’s the way


Christ In Me

When the weight of the world is coming down on me hard

And I need a release from the strain

Then I stop and I talk with my Heavenly Father

And He takes away the pain


Speaking in tongues soothes this heart of mine

I know that it’s rest to my soul

Eternal life — now I know that it’s mine

I know that He’s made me whole


I thank God I’m alive and I know I’m a chosen one

Living forever with Him because I’m His son

Sharing a life more abundant and free in the body with all my brothers

Knowing it’s Christ in me — that name above others


When I study God’s Word it sets my heart on fire

It thrills my very soul

Then to speak His Word is what I desire

And I know that I want to go…


Telling world of His power and love

Spreading light to all the nations

Showing them how to be born from above

How they, too, can have salvation


This One’s For Real

I told myself it really wouldn’t matter

If I left right now and went my own way

But I see it isn’t so… so there’s there’s something you should know

The love I have for you is here to stay


I never felt this way before — it’s true

Because I never knew until I knew you

That I couldn’t make it on my own

Don’t think that I’ll last too long alone


‘Cause if there’s one thing in this world I’m sure of

It’s that the love you’ve got for me is pure love

You’ll never leave me, you’ll never deceive me

Because this one’s for real


So, I’ll sit here and we’ll talk a while

The time we spend together makes me smile

I get a feeling that I can’t describe

Something special way down deep inside


I know you’ll hold me in your arms

Even in my darkest night

And keep my from all this world’s harms

Until the new day brings the light


I’m Free

I was in a prison in my mind

Dragging around a ball and chain of cares I couldn’t leave behind

I knew I wanted to be free

A life of disappointment was not for me


Then I heard that there was a way out for me

That there was One who gave His Son so I could be made free

I learned how Christ laid down his life to rescue me

It’s written in God’s Word

God saved me from my misery


Now, I’m free; He rescued me

Now I can be the man I really want to be


I won’t be tied down anymore

I’ve left the weight of the world sitting outside my door

I’m walking daily in the freedom that is mine

I’m never going back to those prisons in my mind


Darkness tries to capture me again

But I keep my mind focused on the light

I don’t let that darkness in because I’m free


I’ll Tell You That I Love You

There have been times when I’ve wanted to tell you

Just how much I’ve felt inside

There have been times when I’ve wanted to hold you so badly

I’ve almost stopped and broke down and cried


In my younger days — my somewhat foolish ways

You were always there to pick me up

To try to calm my fears and wipe away my tears

I knew I loved you but I never saw how much


So, I’ll tell you that I love you while you’re here with me now

When I’m gone from here… I’ll love you then too

So, when we’re far apart, you can know in your heart

That my love for you is true


When I think of all the love that you give to me

When I think about your smiling face

Then I think how God has blessed me in His wonderful way

There is no one that could take your place


So, when our days together seem so short sometimes

But the miles between us seem so long

I thank God above to keep you in His love

And watch over you while I am gone


If you’re ever feeling low or downhearted

Encumbered with a load of care

Just remember God, your Father, is with you

And my heart is with you even though I’m not there


Go To Him

When the pressure’s on it’s time to ease on down

And get alone with God because the living there is easier

When things aren’t going right, take a slower pace to life

Take a walk with God where things are cool and breezier


He will hold you in His arms

He’ll caress you with His love

He’ll wipe away the tear from your eye

He will tell you you’re His best

He’ll put your heart at rest

So, go to Him before trouble starts to fly


Sometimes you need to slow way down and take a break from what you’re doing

The world gets spinning so fast you don’t know what to do

Just put it all aside — God’s arms are open wide

He’s the father of mercies — the God of all comfort too


We all feel the pressure now and then

There’s always going to be work that needs to be done

But speak in tongues and rest — God will show you how to do it best

You can give Him your worries — you don’t need to keep a single one


My Lord Is A Rock

Blown about with the winds of change

Groping for love in a world so strange

I was searching for something somewhere that I could belong to


Tossed back and forth to the left and right

Out of control — I was losing my fight

I needed something strong that I could hold onto


I was sinking fast but God reached down

He pulled me up to solid ground

Now I’m standing on the Rock — the Lord Jesus Christ

Nothing’s going to move me for the rest of my life


My lord is a rock and he don’t roll

He’s something I can hold onto

He gives me the strength to be in control

He is always there to see me through


God turned my crying into laughter

He wiped away all of my tears

He gave me the love that I was after

He cast away all of my fears


God turned my mourning into dancing

He put a song into my heart

He gave me life that’s everlasting

He will never, never depart