The Way, the Truth, the Life

Ever since Adam sinned and opened the door to death

Body and soul is all man’s been… no spirit; only earthly breath

No longer one with God – now the slaves of sin

Cast out of the Garden with no way to get back in


But God, in His great love, didn’t leave man alone

He promised a redeemer who, for Adam’s sin, would atone

He sacrificed His only son to bring men back to life

He conquered sin… believe on him… his name is Jesus Christ


He is the way for men to be free from sin

To live eternally; at one with God again

He’s gonna come one day to reign in truth and might

Jesus Christ: the way, the truth, the life


Even though Jesus Christ is God’s salvation plan

Men reject his sacrifice – convinced that their own works will stand

They say, “Look at our achievements; what we have, and haven’t, done.”

There’s just one thing God is looking for… Do you believe on His Son?


Oh, some men will say, “How can this be true?

That there is just one way… surely my own way will do.”

“There are many ways to God; keep an open mind,” they say.

But when I open up the Scriptures, there I only find one way



Oh, Father, You are my everything

I will lift up my voice; unto You I will sing

Praises from morning until evening

You are my everything


Oh, Father, Your power is over all

My creator, my God, unto You I will call

None can compare… You are greater than all

Your power is over all


You rescue all, whether aged or youth,

Who call on the Lord Jesus Christ

Now we can worship in spirit and truth

You’ve made us Your sons

By Your grace we now have eternal life


Oh, Father, You give me all I need

Your Words I trust; unto You I will heed

Alone I would perish – with You I succeed

You give me all I need


Oh, Father, glory belongs to You

Honor and majesty dwell with You too

Oh, that men would praise You for all that You do

Glory belongs to You..

Glory belongs to You..

You are my everything


High Time

Hesitating between two worlds; unwilling to make a choice

Thinking maybe I’d be missing something if I listened to just one voice

Maybe I could love the world just a little… could it really be all that bad

It makes me think of the words of an old song…

“It looks like sugar – then it turns out sand.”


It was high time to take God at His Word

High time to take God at his Word

He’ll never lie to you; His every Word is true

It’s high time to take God at His Word


No man can serve two masters; he’ll really only love just one

A double mind can be disastrous when you’re trying to serve God’s own Son

This world that fills our senses… He says it’s gonna burn away

So, why sit we here on our fences? Why not believe what God has to say?


What Am I Doing Here? 

What am I doing here… so far away from home

Friends have all disappeared; I’m hungry and alone

My inheritance is spent; all the money came and went

Now, I dream of meat and wine as I lie here with the swine


What am I doing here still… I should be back at home

But what of my father’s will; surely, I’ve been disowned

Yet in my father’s house is bread; if I stay here, I’ll be dead

I will turn my face toward him … I will go confess my sin


What will I say when I see him there

Will he hear my voice; will he even care

I’ll say, “I’m not worthy to bear your name

Make me a servant; I’ll bear my shame”


My father’s field now before me lies

And I’m not quite sure I can trust my eyes

For I can’t believe I see my father running down the road to me


“I am not worthy to bear your name

Make me a servant; I’ll bear my shame”

“My son, you are home at last. Let us make merry; kill the fatted calf!

For this, my son, was dead… but now he is home with us instead.”


The Answer

I wasn’t just faulty; in need of a little repair

And no self help book was ever gonna get me there

‘Cause I was dead in sin; alone – no way to face God on my own

But He sent His Son to save me


He pulled me from darkness to walk in His glorious light

From death and the grave, I’ve been saved through the power of His might

From Adam’s sin, Christ set me free; no longer blind, my eyes now see

I owe him everything


I had been searching all of my life

Didn’t know I was looking for Jesus Christ

He’s the solution to all that men need

Conqueror of sin and death; he makes men free

And he is the answer to the questions of life

The savior for all mankind… Jesus Christ