Still Got Him

When I was younger I was invincible

Time on my side — the hourglass full

But lately different thoughts are crossing my brain

And I’m starting to feel mortal as the hourglass drains

But I’ve got a promise from God that’s sure

The hope of a life that will endure


Though my hair my turn to gray

And my physical strength may fade away

I’ve got God’s spirit in me to stay

Proof that Christ is coming back one day

And when he does, here’s the way it is…

I’ll get a brand new body that’s just like his

But, until then, I still win

Because I’m still breathing and I’ve still got him


When I was younger — in my physical prime

I could leap tall buildings two or three at a time

Now that I’m older — well, I’m not quite as spry

But, when Christ comes back, I’ll be able to fly

Because I’ve got a promise from God that’s sure

The hope of a life that will endure


Adam’s fall really did us in

We’re still feeling the effects of sin

But when Christ comes to gather you and me

Death will be swallowed up in victory


The Righteousness Of God

We can crawl on our knees; stand on our head

Try to do it all on our own instead of

Believing what God’s Word says is already done

Or run as fast as we can in this human race

It won’t matter because it’s all a gift of God by grace

Paid for with the life of God’s own Son


The righteousness of God for you and me

Was purchased with the blood at Calvary

When Jesus Christ laid down his life upon that tree

It’s nothing we can earn — there’s nothing left to pay

Our works could never save us anyway

His righteousness is only ours by grace

When we believe


From sin and death we have been made free

We’ve got a brand new life for eternity

God gave us the proof — with His spirit we’ve been sealed

No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done

You’re forgiven — you’re His beloved son

In His Word this wondrous love has been revealed


His righteousness means

We can stand before God our Father

With no sense of sin or guilt or any other

There is nothing in this world (below or above)

That could ever separate us from His love


Mercy On Me

He had mercy on me — He saved my soul

I had no spirit but He made me whole

He gave me life when I was dead in sin

I was out in the cold but He took me in

I read His Word and it’s easy to see

My God had mercy on me


He gave grace to me I didn’t deserve

I know His love for me — it will never swerve

His care is so fine; it’s always right on time

He’s so good to me — like to blow my mind

I don’t have to look hard because it’s plain to see

My God is gracious to me


Mercy and grace — my Father freely gives to me

No condemnation — not a single trace

He loves me unconditionally


I have peace with God — I’ve been justified

Buried with Christ, the old things died

I was far away but now I’m by His side

I’m at one with Him, because I’ve been reconciled

I’m never afraid that I’ll lose His love

Because I have peace with my God above


Mercy, grace and peace

I didn’t earn a single one

From my own works I can cease

I’m so thankful just to be His son


Brand New Life

I thank God for all He’s done for me

He’s given me a brand new life

In Jesus Christ, His Son, you see

I’ve been freed from sin and strife

I’ve got so much to be thankful for

It makes me want to jump and shout

With all that He has done for me

What else is there to sing about?


I’ve got a brand new life in Christ

I’ve been seated in the heavenlies

And that’s where I’m going to set my sights

On those heavenly realities

Now, the old man has been crucified

My life’s been hid in Christ

Thank God above for His wonderful love

He gave me a brand new life


I’m no longer like I used to be

Burdened down with the weight of the world

I’ve got the armor of God protecting me

When those fiery darts are hurled

I keep my thoughts on things above

Old things are passed away

I’ve been raised with Christ to a brand new life

And I’m living it for him today


I’ve seen the graves of kings and slaves

Of wise men and of fools

But one of those graves is empty now

And that broke all the rules

One thing I neglected to mention

I’ve been sealed until the day of redemption

I don’t fear that lion’s roar

I’m in God’s care forever more


In His Love I Abide

I don’t need to wonder if my Heavenly Father loves me

Because His Word has made it oh, so clear just what He thinks of me

His Word says that He loves me; that He’s always on my side

Now I know what He thinks of me — In His love I abide


I don’t need to wonder if my Father hears my prayer

He said His ears are always open so on Him I cast my care

His Word says that He loves me; that He’s always on my side

Now I know my Father hears me — In His love I abide


He said He’ll never leave me or forsake me here

If I know that God is with me, then what shall I fear

Not a thing can separate me from His wondrous love

My heart is fixed on my God above


I don’t need to wonder if He’s left me on my own

When I manifest His spirit I’ve got proof I’m not alone

His Word says that He loves me; that He’s always on my side

Now I know my Father is with me — in His love I abide


If God Be For Us

God wraps me in His loving arms

To keep me safe from this world’s harms

Others may try to do me wrong

But I won’t be afraid for He is strong


Trials and tribulations come my way

But God is with me each and every day

His Word declares for all to see

From His love there is nothing that can separate me


If God be for us

If God be for us

If God be for us

Who can be against us?


He has not given us a spirit of fear

But a spirit of sonship crying, “Father, Dear”

We’re now God’s heirs with all that brings

What shall we say, then, to these things?


If God spared not His only Son

But delivered him up for us all

What wouldn’t He do for us, his justified ones

In Jesus Christ He freely gives us all


Every Thought To Christ

There’s a war going on most people don’t know

We’re under attack everywhere we go

Bombarded each day with Satan’s lies

Trying to steal our peace and blind our eyes

But in Christ we’ve got the victory

Resist the devil and he will flee


God’s perfect love casts out all fear

And the wisdom from above is what I hold dear

I’ve made up my mind to leave the world behind

Every high thing must be cast down low

If it’s not God’s Word, then it’s got to go

Don’t want to be deceived by Satan’s device

So, I’m going to lead captive every thought to Christ


Every day we’ve got to choose who we’re going to believe

Do we trust God’s Word or the enemy

See, I decide what I hold in my brain

One way brings peace — one way brings pain

It’s the Word of God that makes men free

In Christ we claim each victory


The battle is not with the flesh, oh, no

We’ve got to look at things spiritually

With God’s mighty weapons we pull the strongholds low

Bringing every thought into captivity


Carnal Eyes

I looked around… what did I see?

Wicked men doing better than me

It seemed to me they didn’t have a care

That laughed at God like He wasn’t there


And I envied those ungodly men

When I saw how they were prospering

I thought they had all I could want and more

So, what was I sacrificing for?

I was so foolish; looking at the world through carnal eyes

Oh, so foolish; I’d forgotten where my treasure lies


Surely, riches come and go

They fly away where no one knows

And earthly riches turn to dust; eaten up by moth and rust

But I’ve got my true treasure where this world cannot see

Laid up with God in heaven; waiting there for me


If I’ve got my mind on another man’s stuff

Then I might compare; think I ain’t got enough

But, if I keep my thoughts on heavenly things

I can be content no matter what life brings

I won’t be foolish; looking at the world through carnal eyes

No longer foolish; I’ll remember where my treasure lies


God has promised to supply for me

Everything I’ll ever need

So I’ve got no use for envy

I don’t have room for greed


One day this old world is going to pass away

All the lust and pride of life

But I’ll claim my true treasure

When God calls me up on high


No Gods Before You

Knowing You’re near me helps me to face another day

I know You hear me… unto You only will I pray

I’ll always love You — place nothing above You

Forever adore You — have no gods before You


Trusting in Your words, my every need You will supply

Your words are pure words — You’re not a man that You should lie

I’ll always love you — place nothing above You

Forever adore You — have no gods before You


You gave me life

You made me Your son

And one day on high I’ll join You

When this life is done

When You send Your Son again


God Will Work It Out

I put my trust in God above

He watches over me

He fills my life with light and love

He is my sufficiency

So, when the lion roars; trying to make me doubt

Or the way looks dark and grim

I know God will work things out

I commit my way to him


I don’t doubt — I know God will work it out

He can make a way where there is no way

I’ll put my trust in Him each day

Come what may, to temptation I can say

“Get on out, you won’t make me doubt!”

I know God’s gonna work it out.


No matter what the world may throw my way

I won’t let it drag me down

I believe what God’s Word has to say

So I know I stand on solid ground

He says on Him I can rely without hesitation

That He causes me to triumph in Christ in every situation


I know my God loves me

He’s always thinking of me

Do you think that sounds absurd?

Because it’s written in His Word

He’ll bare His mighty arm for me

To vanquish all my enemies

I am persuaded nothing from below or up above

Could ever separate me from God’s love


With Each Passing Day

With each passing day I’m longing more for Christ’s return

Just the thought of seeing him face to face makes my heart yearn

Caught up in the clouds, we’re going to be together there

At that glorious gathering when we meet him in the air


He’s coming back, I know

God’s Word tells me so

And when he comes again for you and me

We will be together, then, for all eternity


When we hear the angel shout and hear that trumpet play

We will know it’s time to go — we’ll be on our way

In the twinkling of an eye we shall all be changed

And he will take us home where he’s prepared for us a place


No more sadness

There will never be a heartache again for us

There’s going to be gladness

We’re going to see all of the things that God has done for us

It’s going to take all of eternity

Just to see what He’s done for you and me