Carry The Word To The World

Go ye into all the world and preach the good news to every man

Holding for the Word of life to each — sharing God’s salvation plan

Unto the uttermost part of the earth

Teaching them of the new birth

Rescuing them from their sin

Showing them how they can be born again


Carry the Word to the world

To the hungry and thirsty who long to know

Teaching them of the things that we’ve learned

And watch God’s family grown and grow


God has made us ambassadors to take His message to all men

To preach and teach His Word to those who’ve never heard

Reconciling them to Him

We know He gave us the power in love

In His gift of holy spirit from above

He said it’s up the family

To spread the Word so others can be made free


God has given unto us this ministry

Along with the word of reconciliation

Let your light so shine that others too may see

And glorify our God above in every nation


We Are What God’s Word Says

Many sons of God still live in fear

Of where they stand with Him, they are so unclear

They don’t understand their sonship rights

Unaware of who they are in Christ

But God desires for us to walk in the light

To see that we’re truly blessed

He gave us His Word so we could know what’s right

So we would never need to guess


We are what God’s Word says we are

We’ll be what His Word says we’ll be

We’ll do the things He says we can

Upon the Word of God is where we take our stand


The world would tell us that we have lack

Or that Jesus Christ is not coming back

They say there’s no way to really know

That you need to wait until you die to see which way you go

But God’s says clearly — we are born again

We’ve got a true connection

So, we’ll keep our thoughts on things above

And keep walking in a heavenly direction


We were captive but God rescued us

From the prison of our sin

And He bought us with the blood of Christ

Now we belong to Him

We’ve been justified — we are righteous

Set apart from all our sin

We can speak God’s Word to others

Reconciling them to Him


My God Shall Supply

I have been young and now I’m growing older

Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken

Trust in the Lord for He would not deceive you

He said He’ll never leave you — He promised in His Word


My God shall supply

My God shall supply your need

He’s always by your side

He sees and will provide… only believe


So, do not be afraid for God is watching over you

He sees and understands what you’re going through

He gave His only Son for you — is there anything He would not do?

He’ll bless you and take care of you in everything you do


He owns the cattle on a thousand hills

No matter where you go, He’s with you still

And He’ll supply all that you need

According to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus


Wherever I Go

Wherever I go, You’re with me

Whatever I do, You care

You’ll never leave or forsake me

You’re the one who’s always there


It’s so good to know that You will never leave me

That Your love for me won’t change — You’ll always care

If the world should fall to pieces all around me

You would still be there


If ever I feel uncertain

Wondering what to do

Or ever my heart is hurting

I can always come to You


It’s so good to know that You will never leave me

That Your love for me won’t change — You’ll always care

If the world should fall to pieces all around me

You would still be there


I will look to You

No matter what the world may say or do

You will see me through

Because Your promises are always true

I can count on You

You’re the one who’s always there for me

The one who’ll always care for me


You Are Righteous Now

Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ laid down his life

And his blood was shed upon the tree — the perfect sacrifice

And the sins of those who did believe on him were washed away

Along with those who were to come — that’s you and me today


You see, you and I, we were not there to lift a helping hand

So, it’s not by works of righteousness but by His grace we stand

And the gift is freely given — it’s ours to receive

The righteousness of God unto all them that believe


You are righteous now — Christ paid the price for you

You are righteous now — there’s nothing more to do

This gift is freely given — you couldn’t earn it if you tried (no way, no how)

Because you are righteous now


Jesus died not when we were good enough for him

But he gave his life for you and me when we were dead in sin

So all our prayers and all our tears and all our toil for him

Could never, ever do the job to wipe away our sin


You see, God knows our weaknesses and He loves us just the same

He knows that we fall short, so there’s forgiveness in Christ’s name

And if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart

This love He’s placed within us will never depart

You can stand before your Heavenly Father unashamed

And boldly come unto the throne of grace in Christ’s name


Never Be Afraid

One day the king of Babylon had an image made of gold

And he gave command through all the land, “When the music plays, bow low!”

But three men in his kingdom refused to bend their knees

They said, “No, we will not bow low… for it’s God we choose to please.”


Then the king in rage and fury had them thrown into the fire

But they did not expire — God saved them from all harm

God is still the same today — He has not changed or gone away

And He still hears us when we pray and He bears His mighty arm


So, never be afraid no matter what men say

God can still do miracles so be bold in Him today

Like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, refuse to ever bow low

Never back down… trust in God today


When it looks like trouble all around and it seems there’s no way out

You can trust in God; He won’t let you down — you need never doubt

Just like Peter in the prison or Moses by the sea

God can make a way where there is no way to help you soon be free


Think of Joshua and Gideon and a hundred others more

When they looked to the Lord, He gave them victory

So, remember you are not alone

You can boldly come unto God’s throne

To find the mercy and the grace to help in time of need


Be like Daniel in the lions’ den

For he refused to doubt

But he put his trust in God and then

God shut the lion’s mouth


Renew My Strength

One day I realized the fire was almost gone

I surveyed the dying embers and wondered what went wrong

There was a time when Your Word was like a fire in my bones

And I could not keep it hidden for I longed to make it known


Then the years rolled by and the flame began to die

It seemed the cares of this old world took their toll upon my soul

And it was time to change my ways for I remembered younger days

In those days of my youth, I stood firmly on Your truth


But then I took my eyes off You and I grew weak

Once again now, Lord, it’s you I seek

With Your help I will grow strong

I will serve you my whole life long


Renew my strength like the eagle, Lord

As I plunge myself into the cleansing water of Your Word

Strip away these old man feathers and renew for me my youth

Once again, Lord, I’ll live my life for you


Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength

They shall run and not be weary and they shall walk and never faint

And God will satisfy their mouth and fill it with good things

So that their youth will be renewed — they shall mount up on brand new wings


I don’t want to live any other way

I want to give my all for You

In the center of Your will is where I want to stay

With my heart right next to you

But if I’m going to do it, Lord, like I want to, I’m going to need your help

There’s no question I can’t do it by myself


Someday Soon…

Someday soon… I don’t know when…

He is coming back for us again

I try to wait here patiently

But I’m longing for his face to see


When the call comes, we’ll be there

We will meet him in the sky

And leave behind this earthly care

In the twinkling of an eye


When our savior we do meet

We will stand before the bema seat

To receive rewards for good we’ve done

And praise from God and His dear Son


There will be no wrath for us that day

We will leave it all behind

For God will cast the sin away

Never brought again to mind


With the shout we will go

Jesus Christ is coming again

And when that trumpet blows

He’ll gather us together with him then


Those who sleep in him will rise

The we will join them in the skies

No more heartaches; no more tears

No more waiting through the years